We offer a 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Stretch Surfaces, Aluminum Profiles and Harpoons and a 10-Year Warranty on Installation performed by LAQFOIL LTD. and AUTHORIZED DEALERS.

We guarantee the durability of our surfaces and that the quality will never fade or discolour. The tension of the canvas will remain the same within +/- 3 inches variance over time. Surfaces will remain its shape and uniformity for the duration of the warranty and will not peal or fold.

The surfaces are maintenance free, dust-free and therefore do not need to be washed or wiped down. If you must clean the surface, use a damp cloth and a gentle liquid soap.


  • If the material has been exposed to temperatures outside of its realm of – 35 °C to +90 °C
  • If you or a company other then LAQFOIL LTD. or its AUTHORIZED DEALERS cut into the surfaces, repair, de-install or re-install the stretch surfaces, aluminum profiles and harpoons.
  • If you attempt to reposition or install additional lighting, ventilation, speakers, wiring or other lighting and ceiling fixtures and devices into the stretch material without the help of LAQFOIL LTD. or its AUTHORIZED DEALERS.
  • If you use aggressive cleaning liquids or corrosive paints and liquids on surfaces.
  • In case of accidental damage including tear from a sharp object, please call our team member at the contact below. There are times when we can repair a small tear on the surface, in most cases the section needs to be replaced which would not be covered under our warranty.
  • For floods we are able to clean and re-install the surfaces, to look brand new. In the case of flood or other accidents, this would not be covered under warranty but our service team is happy to assess and repair the situation.

For questions about warranty, safe cleaning practices or service calls, please contact our team
at 1-888-663-1708 or INFO@LAQFOIL.COM