LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces transform ceilings and walls to create beautiful living spaces. From modern to traditional homes, we create interior solutions that suit your design needs, aesthetic and functionality. From matte to high-gloss flat ceilings, multi-level ceilings, dramatic custom prints, LAQFOIL Lighting, LAQFOIL Acoustic or Pool & Recreation Solutions our range of products are ideal for your interior and exterior residential needs.

There are many benefits to LAQFOIL® STRETCH CEILING, like hiding stucco, insulation or tired ceilings in merely hours without the need to move furniture or pack-up a room. With over 15 years of experience, our team will guide you through consultation, design, manufacturing, and installation of your project with a 25-year manufacturers warranty.

LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling Surfaces is made from 100% recycled material, waterproof, anti-microbial, thermal insulating, temperature stable, Class 1 fire and safety certified, cost-effective with a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from. LEARN MORE about the Benefits of LAQFOIL© Stretch Surface

Stretch Ceiling


LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling Surface adapts to any structural design and works in any environment. This includes Flat, Tray, Coffered, Vaulted, Cathedral and Cove Ceilings while integrating any ceiling or light fixture. This is the perfect solution for large-scale stretch Ceiling panels, floating panels, backlit and printed surfaces. Any application available on the ceiling is available to wall surfaces. LEARN MORE about our FABRIC FINISHES


Multi-level Stretch Ceiling create architectural interest and define your space. It is achieved by combining different levels of LAQFOIL framing systems built according to your design and covered with your preferred material finish. Our Multi-levelStretch Ceiling are ideal for fixing uneven surfaces, exposed wires or ventilations, bulkheads, centerpieces, light coves and structural variances. Typically a LAQFOIL® Lighting Solution is combined into the design but is not necessary.


Stretch your creativity and decorate your walls and ceilings in a whole new way! Our custom printed stretch surfaces span 16’ wide by 200’ long without any seams or connections. Our framing system allows us to expand to unlimited dimensions. Welcome a cityscape, bold graphic, beautiful flora or palatial palace for a decorative large scale or wall-to-wall art piece. LEARN MORE about LAQFOIL® Custom Print


LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions offers luminous ceilings or walls in flat, multi-level or 3D formats. Light up your interiors with large-scale Backlit LED-lighting on plain or custom printed translucent fabric or Edge-Lit your panels to illuminate the perimeter of your design. We also provide Starry Night Sky technology incorporating fiber optic lights that twinkles in the dark. LEARN MORE about LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions


Reduce the intensity of sound waves for a comfortable soundproof room. LAQFOIL® Acoustic Solutions prevent sound from entering or leaving a room for a quiet bedroom sleep, or to contain street and neighbor noise. Two levels of micro-perforated fabrics are available for high-performance noise cancellation for small to large projects. The material can be used on its on or directly custom printed. LEARN MORE about LAQFOIL® Acoustic Solutions