LAQFOIL Services

LAQFOIL Services

With over 15 years of experience, our team proudly provides a wide range of professional services. We provide consultation, design, manufacturing, print, installation, lighting and maintenance calls for LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling and Surface products.

We are the leading experts in stretch ceiling technology across North America, offering the highest quality of products, durable and resilient Stretch Membranes, and innovative solutions for your interior,  architectural, tradeshow, exhibit, and art projects! We guarantee our customer satisfaction.

We are a full-service company, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and product lines. Please feel free to contact our team with any question you may have!


We offer free consultation on all commercial and residential stretch ceiling projects. If you have any questions on the best ways to approach your project including design, material selection, material capabilities, build, cost, shipping and installation we can help answer any of your concerns.



Don’t love your popcorn ceilings? Need to cover an unfinished ceiling? LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling surfaces is a quick and easy way to completely hide existing ceilings with a smooth flawless finish. Whether wall-to-wall ceiling coverage or a large hanging ceiling panel, we hide unwanted stucco, wires, insulation, and tiles in just a couple hours, depending on the size of the room.  There is no dust, no mess and no waiting for paint to dry with no furniture removal necessary.


Whether you are selecting artwork for your interior or creating a 3D rendering of your project our talented team of designers will create photo-realistic visuals that will capture your idea perfectly. You will be able to see exactly what your project will look like before committing to final production and installation.

We also offer free design software that allows our customer to upload their projects and play with different finishes and prints they may be considering.  Start designing your Interiors today!


We offer the highest quality of fine-art prints on all of our PVC and canvas membranes. Our printing capabilities span up to 16’ Wide  x  200’ Long with no seams or joints. You can even create larger dimensions by adding additional panel systems! Create beautiful custom printed walls, ceilings, light boxes, canvases, interior signage, banners, tradeshow booths, hand signs and more. Click here to learn more about LAQFOIL® Custom Prints.


Stretch Ceiling Installation is quick and easy with our experienced team. The cost of installation is included in your quote unless otherwise specified, so you won’t be surprised with hidden costs. The process takes only a few hours depending on the size of your project, and furthermore, there is little to no disturbance in the room and no removal of furniture necessary. Unlike traditional methods, there is no dust, odor or sanding required and you will not have to wait for paint to dry. We work around your schedule to ensure a clean, convenient and professional experience.  Read more about our 10-year Warranty.


Our team includes certified master electricians that can deal with the electrical and power systems in your residential or commercial projects. They are experts at dealing with stretch ceiling and surfaces as well as wiring systems and integrating any light or ceiling fixture in the final design. We can work with the existing lighting fixtures or provide them as per your design, including strip or tube LED lighting, pot lights, and fiber optics. Learn more about LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions.



Did you have a ceiling water leak? Do you need access behind the Stretch Surface panels? Do you require monthly or quarterly print changes? We can help with any maintenance issues you are having with existing stretch ceiling products. Please give us a service call at 1-888-663-1708.