LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling transform interiors and exteriors to create innovative and breath-taking environments for commercial stretch ceiling  Toronto. From simplistic flat walls and ceilings to curved, abstract, 3D, paneled or backlit walls and ceilings, the design possibilities are endless! The versatility of this product allows you to push your creativity with designer-inspired color palettes, Finishes, Custom Print, LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions, LAQFOIL® Acoustic Solutions, LAQFOIL® 3D Forms, Pool & Recreation Solutions and Interior Signage Products.

We welcome projects by architects, designers, builders and trades professionals on new construction and renovation, whether big or small! As a full-service company, we offer consultation, design, production and installation on all projects with a 25-Year Manufacturers Warranty.



LAQFOIL® Commercial stretch ceiling adapts to any structural design and works in any environment. This includes Flat, Tray, Coffered, Vaulted, Cathedral and Cove Ceilings while integrating any ceiling or light fixture. If you are looking for commercial stretch ceiling  Toronto – this is the perfect solution for large-scale ceiling panels, floating panels, backlights and printed surfaces. Any application available on the ceiling is available to wall surfaces. LEARN MORE ON FINISHES

LAQFOIL® Stretch Surface is well-suited for corporate offices, restaurants, bars, hotels, educational institutions, medical facilities, theaters, religious architecture, entertainment venues, museums and art galleries, shopping malls, retail interiors, tradeshows and any wet environments (Swimming Pools, Spas, Recreation Centers, Yachts etc.)


LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces is Class 1 / Class 0 / M1 / M0 / B1 Fire Rated for construction and is made with non-toxic Recyclable PVC Material. It is removable, reusable, washable and made with 100% recyclable material. It is waterproof, anti-microbial and resistant to water stains and mildew, thermal stable and energy-efficient. LEARN MORE ON THE BENEFITS OF LAQFOIL® Stretch Surface

 stretch ceiling  Toronto


Installation is quick and easy with LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces. There is no disturbance to the room and no removal of furniture necessary. Unlike, traditional methods, there is no dust, odor or sanding required and no time required to wait for paint to dry. In most cases, depending on the size of the room, it takes a day to install and complete walls and ceilings. We are able to work around your schedule to ensure it’s a clean, convenient and professional install for your clients.

stretch ceiling  Toronto


Stretch your creativity and decorate your walls and ceilings in a whole new way! Our custom printed stretch surfaces span 16’ wide by 200’ long without any connections. Our framing system allows us to expand to unlimited dimensions. Welcome a cityscape, bold graphic, beautiful flora or palatial palace for a decorative large scale or wall-to-wall art piece. LEARN MORE ON LAQFOIL® CUSTOM PRINT


LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions offers luminous ceilings or walls in flat, multi-level or 3D formats. Light up your interiors with large-scale Backlit LED-lighting on plain or custom printed translucent fabric or Edge-Lit your panels to illuminate the perimeter of your design. We also provide Starry Night Sky technology incorporating fiber optic lights that twinkles in the dark. LEARN MORE ON LAQFOIL® LIGHTING SOLUTIONS


Reduce the intensity of sound waves for a comfortable soundproof room. LAQFOIL® Acoustic Solutions prevent sound from entering or leaving a room for a quiet bedroom sleep, or to contain street and neighbor noise. Two levels of micro-perforated fabrics are available for high-performance noise cancellation for small to large projects. The material can be used on its on or directly custom printed. LEARN MORE ON LAQFOIL® ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS


Whether you want to create a 3D form or simply avoid surface obstacles, LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces offers customized modular frames and structures that fit perfectly into your space. From hanging structures, bulkheads, chandeliers, freestanding sculptures or signage there is little restriction to shape, dimension, color or finish. The structure is wrapped in LAQFOIL® Stretch PVC, Translucent or Acoustic material in any finish that can be custom printed, CNC cut and paired with LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions. LEARN MORE ON 3D INTERIOR FORMS


LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces is an excellent solution for swimming pools, wet and high-humid environments. Surfaces do not absorb chlorine, sulphur, corrosive evaporations or any odors. Ceilings and walls can carry decorative or lighting solutions while remaining maintenance-free, water impermeable, anti-microbial, and resistant against water stains and mildew for private and public safety. LEARN MORE ON POOL & RECREATION SOLUTIONS


Large format custom printed signage is ideal for communicating your client’s brand with wall-to-wall seamless poster printing, banners, signage, artwork and 3D-forms for in-store or interior features. Signage can be paired with any Lighting and Acoustic Solutions to meet your design and branding needs. LEARN MORE ON SIGNAGE & TRADESHOWS