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Laqfoil is North America’s leading manufacturer of Stretch Ceilings and technologically related products. Formerly Universal Stretch Ceilings, Laqfoil has rebranded to meet worldwide market demand and rapid expansion in home and business design and décor. Professionally trained and certified Laqfoil dealers can be found in major North American centres, and our growing international network has quadrupled since 2010, including 27 Stretch Ceiling technology providers serving countries in Northern Europe and the Middle East.

Home owners, architects, designers, builders, investors, and corporations use our elegant ceiling and wall products to beautify and modernize their interiors. We are proud to include Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto, Best Western Hotels, SportChek, Imperial Blades, SOFA, Remax Real Estate, Spring Sushi, The Taylor Group, Air Canada Centre, Modern Golf, the Home Design Expo Center, and many other prestigious commercial brands among our customer list.

We offer an incredibly varied selection of colours and finishes, and a vast variety of printed options in our Stretch Ceiling and wall products. Our services include turn-key design, production, delivery, and installation of our strong, light, and durable products that come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Laqfoil products are soundproof, flame, water, mould, and fungus resistant, that save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of homes and businesses.

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed staff offer professional support to our clients in the architectural and design phase, and our specially-trained production, quality control and installation experts deliver superb finished Stretch Ceiling products. We offer a quick, cost-effective installation with a minimal amount of mess and dust or disruption to your space.

Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings has completed over 230 residential and 140 commercial projects, and delivered over 280,000 sq. ft. of Stretch Ceiling and wall printed covers with our exclusive non-allergenic, non-flammable, waterproof, modified polyvinyl-based materials. Our products are safe and fully certified under the National Building Codes of Canada and the U.S., and widely used in both, residential as well as commercial applications.



LAQFOIL Stretch ceiling. Bucatini Restaurant & Wine Bar


LAQFOIL Stretch ceiling. Bucatini Restaurant & Wine Bar. Unique custom design and installation.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch Ceilings
“…our designer wanted to use stretch ceilings for this job, for few reasons, one the soundproofing, as well as a modern contemporary look of it and the application ease. We found a local company Laqfoil that does Stretch Ceilings, and we had them come, take a look at the job and quote. It fit into our budget and time frame, and that’s why we chose to go with Laqfoil.”

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Powerful anti-germ, anti-fungus properties of our ceiling that will remain for the lifetime of the LAQFOIL Ceiling Surface. Not affected by temperature changes, withstanding a range of -40C to +6OC while constantly maintaining tension. Ideal material for medical environments.


LAQFOIL Ceiling Completely fire and safety certified according to National Building Codes. Class 1 in Canada, USA & Italy I M1 in France & Belgium I B1 in Germany and not affected by temperature changes, withstanding a range of -40C to +6OC while constantly maintaining tension.

Stretch ceilingStretch ceilingstretch ceiling
Stretch ceiling
stretch ceiling

stretch ceiling from LAQFOIL®

stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling from LAQFOIL®

Trump International Hotel and Tower, Toronto


“Certainly when you think about Quartz Crystal Spa and Trump Hotel and Tower Toronto, all you think about is opulence and excellence. Certainly one of the reasons why we chose your ceiling company was its reputation, and the work that has been provided to us. Laqfoil is the company to go for. We thank you Jack for all the hard work by you and your team. Everything was delivered on time, and this was just the final piece of the spa that just opened recently. As you can tell it is the most spectacular feature that we have here in the hotel.”


3D Ceiling design. Onyxx Sport Bar, Brampton


3D Ceiling design installations Onyxx Sport Bar, Brampton

We were commissioned to design the interior of a Sports Bar in Brampton last year. This project was challenging at first, as the client wanted to hang over 30 TV sets around the interior, and the room had a ceiling to floor windows all throughout. There was an issue with the windows reflecting into the televisions and the patterning. In the end, we succeeded in creating a unique solution involving 3D ceiling installations and custom interior design. Watch the video for more!

3d stretch ceiling 3d stretch ceiling3d stretch ceiling
3d stretch ceiling
3d stretch ceiling
3d stretch ceiling3d stretch ceiling3d stretch ceiling
3d stretch ceiling


3d stretch ceiling3d stretch ceiling


Residential Client Testimonial


“Service was excellent and it was very fast. For us it was fantastic: in just one day our room was changed. Second day was the kitchen: it became different, absolutely different. This is a company I recommend. It’s for many reasons. First, they are doing very good service. Second, it’s so fast, it’s not bothering you too much. They come, do the project, do measurements, and in one week you have a new house. And another one: they are very good people. They always give you advice, always tell you something what is better for you because every house is different. I love this company, and I recommend everyone to go with this company”.

Modern Golf Club


«…here at modern golf we have chose stretch ceilings for several reasons. First of all our name is Modern Golf, and a ceilings very unique and different from anything you could see. It also provides sound dumping, which is very important here in a quite golf environment. Everyone comments, how slick it looks. Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings? Will definitely recommend it….»

Residential Client Testimonial


“The specialists from Laqfoil work fast, and do their job creatively. To everyone who wants to change their house, to change their interior I would love to recommend to go to Laqfoil, because they know their job, they can help you understand what you want and what will make your house one of a kind. I would recommend Laqfoil to everyone because they do the greatest job I have ever seen.”

Residential Client Testimonial


«….when I was searching an inet, accidentally I saw an advertising of the company Laqfoil. This reminded me a Europe. This technology makes our apartment so bright, so beautiful and it expands a lot. My kitchen is glossy red, my living room is snow white. I’m so happy right now. Thank you so much, amazing team of Company Laqfoil. »