Unique 3D Interior forms from LAQFOIL®


3D Interior forms

Whether you want to create a 3D Interior forms, 3D architectural surfaces or simply avoid surface obstacles, LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces offers customized modular frames and structures that fit perfectly into your space. From hanging structures, hiding bulkheads, giant chandeliers, freestanding sculptures or corporate signage there is a little restriction to shape, dimension, color or finish.

Custom structures are wrapped in LAQFOIL® Stretch PVC, a Translucent or Acoustic material in any finish that can be custom printed, CNC cut and paired with backlights to create features areas. 3D Interior forms are lightweight, maintenance-free, easy to install and are compatible with our Custom Print, LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions, LAQFOIL® Acoustic Solutions and Signage Products.


LAQFOIL® Stretch Surface and 3D Interior forms adapt to any structural design and work in any environment. 3D Interior forms and 3D Architectural Surface Panels are well-suited for restaurants, bakeries, eateries, bars, hotels, educational institutions, medical facilities, conference centers, theaters, religious architecture, entertainment venues, shopping malls, museums, art galleries, retail interiors, tradeshows and any wet environments (Swimming Pools, Spas, Recreation Centers, Yachts etc.)

3D Interior forms


Stretch your creativity and activate your brand or artwork according to your 3D Interior forms or 3D Architectural Surface Panels. Our custom printed stretch surfaces span 16’ wide by 200’ long without any connections that will then clip into the 3D Frame. Place your logo in the spotlight or welcome a decorative print! LEARN MORE ON LAQFOIL® CUSTOM PRINT

3D Interior forms


Illuminate your 3D Interior forms or 3D Architectural Wall Panel with custom lighting that offers a large-scale backlight for a dimmable bright daytime light, relaxing soft light or lights that change color! LEARN MORE ON LAQFOIL® LIGHTING SOLUTIONS

3D Interior forms


This is the perfect solution for large-scale floating panels, shapes, chandeliers or artwork. Choose from our template of 3D shapes; from cubes, cylinders, cones, pyramids, and arches to 5-sided geometric shapes, or we custom create structures from your design for your 3D Interior forms for your home or business.

3D Interior forms and 3D ARCHITECTURAL PANELS

Design awe-inspiring 3D Architectural shapes and contours flat, curved, oval, geometric, angled and multi-layered. Customize and integrate your design to immediately transform your columns, walls, and ceilings for any architectural enhancements.